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 RolePlay Rules

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PostSubject: RolePlay Rules   Fri Aug 03, 2012 2:42 am

Roleplay Rules

Role playing is where you play out a story. Users will come up with an idea for a story and you will make your own characters. Users will make internal and external conflicts as they go along which could have to do with love choice or a war or anything.

Character Making
-The basics profile: name, age, appearance...etc.
-Yes, you may be more than one person. We encourage that you do not have more than 2 people for it does get confusing.
-If you are planning an RP with limited members put either [1x1] or [(insert user) and (insert user)]
-Some roleplays require powers, allies, weapons...etc.

God Modding
God Modding is where you control someone else’s character when they are away.
-Do NOT God Mode someone’s character unless the user gives you permission to do so.
-If the user has left the forums for a long period of time then Private Message me telling me of the problem and I will tell you if God Modding will be allowed.

OOC Posts
To discuss ideas for the story, and how each others Characters' can/should react, or whether a Character does or does not know something, basically anything to do with the story being told, are permitted, and encouraged. However, when you do write out of character you must write in parentheses.

-If a Role Play topic has no pages or has been inactive for 1-2 weeks then it will be deleted((warning will come before deletion)).
-If you feel that an RP will not be active upon posting, please inform a moderator immediately
-All inactive RPs will be archived in the section called Inactive Roleplays. If you wish for an RP to become active, inform a moderator and we can unlock it for you.

Basic Roleplaying Rules

*No posting anything more that PG-13.

*No Swearing (I know, I know, just keep it like that)

*Always check to make sure there are no duplicate threads

*No God-modding

*Refrain from typing in all caps

*Out of character chat is to be in : (( )) ~ ~ or [[ ]]
Example: ((This would be out of character text))
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RolePlay Rules
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