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 Her Past Catching Up To Her (Open)

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PostSubject: Her Past Catching Up To Her (Open)   Fri Aug 03, 2012 6:22 pm

When the Civil War started Lilah Black was 19. To make money she worked as a call girl for soilders who were far from home. There were 3 in particular that she got close to. (Name here),(Name here), and (Name here). They were the three different types of men in that time period. The rich son who wanted to serve his country, The middle class man, and the farmer man who felt it was his public duty to represent his town and maybe make a name for himself in the world. In the time period that all three men were there she had had made love with all of them. She didn't regret being a help to any of them. That is until she figured out she was pregnant. Lilah was picky about who she did sleep with and after the three men left she hadn't slept with anyone. So after finding out she was with child she retired from her job. Now the war is over and the three men want to find Lilah because she was what kept them going during the war. Lilah lives with her mother who live just outside of town. Her father died during the war. She has had her baby. It was a girl. She name her Auden Rose. Auden is 2 years old and Liliah is 21. Lilah's mother loves Auden more than anything.
Char sheet:
Name: Lilah Honeysuckle Black
bio: Her family has always been between middle class and poor. Her father worked hard to buy land and build a house with a barn so they could have livestock to make a living off of. They are known for their wool. White and black. But also make goat cheese. She is a only child so she got to be a tomboy. But when asked wore cloths that fit a little lady when her mother was invited to middle class events.
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Her Past Catching Up To Her (Open)
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